Trixie Perforated ball with Jingle Bell for blind dogs ø 7 cm , natural rubber balls balloons toys dogs News


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* soft ball on the edge specially designed for blind and visually impaired dogs
* with jingle bell inside
* material: natural rubber
* dimensions: ø 7 cm
* color: yellow

Blind and visually impaired dogs I love fun and toys as much as those
hello! And since these dogs still have very good hearing and sense of smell, TRIXIE for
they made a special balloon on the edge. Miček (or also _ Mausi Ballie _ –
named after a blind dog TRIXIE worked with) ma inside
Jingle Bell, whose distinctive sound the dog thanks to the perforated plaque easily
hear. Navic is made of soft natural rubber, when aportovani so dog
he catches well and does not slip to him. More advice and tips on how to entertain a dog with
zrakovým hendikepem, find on Instagram [@blinde.
lebensfreude] (Instagram. com / blind. lebensfreude?hl = en).

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