AQUA Magic Zeolite Baby Powder – Granulated Deodorant for Cat WC 500 g


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A revolutionary product with 100% natural mineral zeolite
Zeolite is an aluminum-silicon mineral that has a microporous structure and in these channels and cavities can be captured substances of solid, liquid and gas, such as smells and essences.
Enriched with concentrated perfume  
Absorbs unpleasant odors
It prevents the growth and proliferation of mushrooms, bacteria, parasites and warts,ins a healthy environment. 
Non-toxic, 100% safe for pets
It can also be used as a deodorant and smell absorber commonly in the home (e.g.   bathroom and toilet, room, wardrobe, garden, ashes, etc.)
Instructions for use: Apply a spoonful (15-17 g) of zeolite daily on the surface of the steliva. 
Composition: 100% natural zeolite, perfume, wood coal
Baby Powder (Baby Powder)
Weight: 500 g

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Weight 500 g